Travelling abroadWhen you are going to be traveling abroad, you just might find that the Australia Dollars that you are used to carrying around each day may not be accepted everywhere. This is why you need to think about converting your currency to whatever is being used within the country that you are going to be visiting. There are a lot of ways that you can exchange currency, however some will often work out better for your pocket than others. There can be a lot of charges and fees that will impact just how much your money will be worth once you have it converted to another currency.

Of course, the oldest option is going to be cash. A lot of people know that carrying cash when you travel is not a safe and secure option. If you end up losing your cash or it gets stolen, you are not going to be able to replace it. So, if you do go with cash, you need to find a bank that is going to exchange it for the local currency. There will also usually be a bank fee that is tacked on for this type of transaction. While it may not be recommended, the currency rate that you get with cash will also depend on what the exchange rate may be for that day.

Australian travellers chequesOne of the more established forms of making sure that you have your currency while you are abroad is traveler’s checks. These traveler’s checks offer up a lot more security than cash, simply because if you lose them or they get stolen, you can call a number and they will be replaced. In addition to that, the rate that you get your foreign currency will also depend on the market rate at the time you buy your checks. There can also be service charges that are involved and you have to pay shipping charges so that they will be sent out to you. However, traveler’s checks are aging and plastic is quickly coming into the forefront.

prepaid travel cardYou can always use your debit card or your regular credit card, however a lot of people today prefer to use a prepaid travel card. The credit card that you have will more than likely have a big credit limit so that you are not able to control your spending. When you have a prepaid card, you will only be able to spend what amount you have put on your card initially. This will be based upon the current currency rate when you travel. A debit card is going to limit spending to the amount that you have in your bank. However, this same debit card will also allow a thief access to your whole bank account, unlike a prepaid card where they can only access the amount that you have put on the card prior to traveling.

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Hey folks,

Welcome to my website. Thank you for being here. I am going to attempt to write on this blog about my two loves: Guitars and Traveling.

I often travel along and take my guitar with me. My favourite places to travel outside of Australia are Bali, any Spanish island, Italy, France, South America and Germany.

I want to write about the places I visit and take photos of me playing my guitar!